……through the magnifying glass

In the box of steel


is known for its strength ,non rusting nature but is it the strongest secret
keeper ever ?Its daunting matte finish gives it perfect “nothing has happened

passing day in human evolution is demanding  not just the physical strength
of steel but mental durability of steel to bear ever kind of sheer force .Not
Only this but it is wanting new kind of innovations that will prevent ever growing
brains rust in its own furrows bathed in fluid.

the current situations in the world want us to become men of steel with the
hope that one day we transcends the boundaries of religion and ethnicity only
to be connected with umbilical cord of mutual respect; with hope that all steel
barbed wire that protect our border will be replaced with those of love and

often imagine my chic laptop with body of steel as the age old box of steel
stocked with many  books ,diaries
,documents stating my mental and physical status. The box , the safest keeper
of the secrets of my supposedly heart of steel .

mortals undeniably go through the flow of emotions :-a small blemish on our egos
,talks words and soon we question the other person involved and it is followed
with voice for justice only to leave us in the dark and gloomy corner of our
hearts. What if our Ego was wrapped in paper of love and kept in the strong
steel safe, could we be emotionally any stable?

many like Ann frank diaries are best secret keeper but are we underestimating
the power of some loose papers in a steel box in a steel locker in some
bank ??? (all the property lawyer will know what
I mean).

ages sweet and fresh ladoos have always been stored in a steel box.Even in my
house ,in the topmost rack of the fridge ,in its right corner is a big steel
box .You really have to go long way removing all food boxes  from its  way.It is
journey only strong desire ,hot rage ,carbon black depression can transverse.
Hidden in this steel box is perfect light blue paper wrapped  The mighty ,the sensual  Stracciatella
Lindor .The plumpy perfect blob of smoothest white chocolate with roasted and
grinded cocoa beans breaking the monotonous sensation ….are perfect elevators
of dark twisty feelings .The steel box unfolds its beauty , in hot indian
summer this steel box in the refrigerator preserves the secret of its recipe.


wonder the masters (Mumbai dubbawalas) who carry such numerous hot steel tiffin
brimming with wife’s ,mother’s love; filled food 
are Mumbai’s lifeline. They just connect food with heart ,stomach with
brain and all weird connection which a qualified anatomist can hardly ever
think of .


objects small gesture defines us and our lives ;it was a steel box ,the plumpy
stracciatella lindor that defined my day.What was that small object small
gesture that made your day?



Coffee nirvana

A coffee background and soft pastel lotus






This is dedicated to all the local train ladies (women ,girls).


My morning struggle  is to find a lady who will get down at belapur so that I can sit asap . It is too much pressure  to have “such a small” task  every morning. But every morning I get up I pray that I get a seat ofcourse after praying that i reach station in 8 minutes .Because standing from kharghar to kurla is awfully tiresome. Even in these inhumane conditions and amongst numerous early morning fights human emotions and gestures are never masked.
Ann frank wrote ,”Despite everything,people are really good at heart.”
Local train travels has been my closest experience to this quote.

Most think crying as a sign of extreme weakness .Crying in a crisp ironed pant suit is offensive and that too in front of 50 ladies is unimaginable. But for me after heated  fight with mom and the post fight  loneliness are too much ,too heavy ,with only prescribed treatment of salty tears .These tears are soo heavy that innumerable self convinces ,”i am strong,i won’t cry hear in front of 50 females! ” is all  worthless. All – ready tears pools on the lower water line and then just colapse when they reach the inner corner, then that one tear  drops on the pale cheek .Careful of the surrounding, looking up as much as possible I try to control the inevitable flow of tears.
These episodes just bring my morale down.


Sometimes when I have no movie to watch, no song to listen,no book to read and no game to play (basically low mobile battery ) I try to observe human being around me.
These are the times when I realise that I am not the only one who carefully sheds the inevitable tear and then be a strong women.I have never seen any female ever sobbing in local train.

Pathetic day at office, thoughts of having to face family as I return home,that early morning fight ,behind  the leading rage , gross stare and angry silence are mighty tears .


I believe that basically after judging person from his behaviour and cloths every person understands other persons trouble.Some acknowledged and understand these troubles ,some are soo engrossed in competition that they fail to acknowledge and understand the troubles.All those PR smiles and talks throw out gradually the essence of life only to find it in some paid human
emotions discourse.


These mighty tears mark emotions .When we see someone shed that one tear ,after that ,’strong women you crying stare’ can we /do we try to understand the person and pray for a second.Can we really acknowledged the tears ? Can tears really be a  telepathic trigger? Do these tears really make is vulnerable?



Passed first year mbbs .
Result just came in like an unannounced guest.
We had absolutely no idea that they were coming.
So I got 72% which is a good score considering the emotional anatomy scare I had in first 4 months and all the fun and timepass i did .I was a bit scared of physiology practs I had done really silly blunders probably even unpardonable  (that’s what I had told my examiner when I did those mistakes 😆)

My second year clinical rotations have started .First I had my dermatology rotation then pediatrics and now pulmonary medicine.
So far dermatology was good but I was in Norway for ten days out of 12 days rotation .Peds was okay we didn’t understand much cause we will be studying patho pharmac micro biology this year.Chest medicine is amazing currently for  three days there has been a lot of focus on Tuberculosis considering it is THE  major public health issue  and more than 14% of TB patients being multi drug resistant and probably everyone in mumbai is exposed to TB


Haaa haaa all the mycobacterium in chest medicine department couldn’t stop us from taking a selfie .
Other two girls in the photo also scored really good one even got distinction 😙


holiday inspired drawing

Sums up two days I spent in very northern artic tromsø

Exams done

Hope I pass ….
Then second year

How I wish I really had a dragon.


When u get identifiable slide for Histo viva

Celebrating thymus


Tmrrw I have physiology practicles then done ….!
These quadrangular lobules
Those pretty pink hassals corpuscles
I adore





Asto ma sad gamayam
Tamso ma jyotir gamayam
Mrtyor ma amrtam gamayam.

The Invincible Dream-catcher.Dare to dream with your eyes open !


Life z wasted if we don’t have time to dream …..
Dreams be bones
Dreams be mRnas
Dreams dreams dreams
They  be our existence.
They never be judgemental.

Everyone has
An Opportunity- to live a perfect life in our dreams …..
Everyone has a chance to be a dream catcher. …..
Then why we dream of bad evil things ,specially when we have options.
Why be so scared in dreams too.

I know life not so perfect ……
But not soo sad too…………………..
Don’t compare
Work hard ! THATS what WE  can DO.
Dreams don’t harm anyone ;
Our intentions do……………..
They define our karma .
Dreams cannot make us sad
…..only our inaction can.
It’s  equipped with that nasty ability ,
Its the bitter truth.

Why be so miser when you dreams .
Your dreams make you undefeatable.
Your intentions decide your karma.
Your work makes you, breaks you too.

APJ Abdul Kalam rightly said
“Dream dream dream
Dreams convert into thought
Thoughts convert into action…..”

Can we all dare to dream
‘With our eyes open’,
Can we dare to be
‘A dream catcher ‘,
Can we work smart
To-‘achieve our dreams’,
Can we build nation
‘With seedling of dreams ‘
Can our dreams make us invincible!
What say all …………..

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